Introducing Carnaby HE2

Introducing Carnaby HE2   Do you know Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 EQ? Its younger “sibling” Carnaby HE2 is a 2u 19-inch rack stereo 3-band parametric EQ utilising the same unique and revolutionary HarmonicEQ® concept with: - 3bands (each +/- 10dB) - High 5-25 kHz/ Mid 200-6.2k Hz/ Low 20-420Hz - dual-mono & mid/side 3-band HarmonicEQ® with additional 2-band shaping EQ - fully Digitally-Controlled with USB and

Heading to houses of worship with Schoeps elegance

Heading to houses of worship with Schoeps elegance   Did you know that Schoeps brand is among the favourites in the world’s most famous churches and prayer rooms thanks to its high quality and wide range of products. That’s why people in Schoeps focus not only on the high quality but also on the elegance. And as such the elegance is tightly linked

SCHOEPS Dealer 2024

SCHOEPS Dealer 2024   With a deep pleasure and humility, we are proud to reconfirm our position as the Premium Schoeps Dealer for 2024, one of the top German brands. Thank you for your trust. We are here for you.

SCHOEPS News 12/2023

SCHOEPS News 12/2023   The December brings not only the end of the year! Look at the hot news from Schoeps - the two-channel microphone extension tube SR 1200 SU or Saxophone Set with BA adapter. Don’t miss the wide range of the Table stands TM&TR with many options, including LED. We are here to support you.


SCHOEPS CELEBRATES 75TH BIRTHDAY!   The still original German company celebrates 75 years this year, when it was founded in 1948 in Durlach, Germany by Dr.Ing.Karl Schoeps. Until today, it has gradually successfully established itself in dozens of countries around the world and is proud to present the limited edition "All Black Studio Set" in a limited quantity of 75 pcs. In a black

CRANBORNE AUDIO presents a world first!

CRANBORNE AUDIO presents a world first!   Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ™ for 500 Series - 3-band parametric "harmonic" equalizer. It improves, complements, "shapes" the sound thanks to perfectly developed harmonic saturation. Optosync wireless communication allows two units to work as one perfect pair! The synchronous elements on the left allow the same setting to be applied to multiple sources. Rich and harmonic saturation, clean EQ

“Moisture resistant” news from SCHOEPS!

"Moisture resistant" news from SCHOEPS!   The long awaited moisture resistant microphones are here! There is a new improved generation in the world CMIT 5 and MiniCMIT with higher resistance to moisture while maintaining the same sound quality and frequency response. Older models of capsules can be serviced and exchanged for the new generation CMIT 5 and MiniCMIT. More at SCHOEPS.


ARGO – THE NEW CONSOLE FROM CALREC!   – A new dimension in mixing – Digital controllers – Model Q and S – Flexibly changeable panels – Intuitive - Remote control And you can read much more about ARGO at Calrec


NEW CHANDLER LIMITED!   Chandler Limited “RS660 Compressor” The Chandler Limited RS660 Compressor continues the technologies used in EMI Abbey Road Studios in the 60s of the 20th century and pushes them to the point of elegant refinement