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Introducing Carnaby HE2


Do you know Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 EQ? Its younger “sibling” Carnaby HE2 is a 2u 19-inch rack stereo 3-band parametric EQ utilising the same unique and revolutionary HarmonicEQ® concept with:

– 3bands (each +/- 10dB)

– High 5-25 kHz/ Mid 200-6.2k Hz/ Low 20-420Hz

– dual-mono & mid/side 3-band HarmonicEQ® with additional 2-band shaping EQ

– fully Digitally-Controlled with USB and Network options

– Control Plugin seamlessly integrates with the Carnaby HE2 hardware via the USB or NET ports, allowing for convenient real-time control and recall from within your DAW.

– independent saving and loading of presets

– intuitive interface and much more. Find out more about it or address to us directly.