About us


Our company deals with designs of complex solutions in the field of professional AV systems, import and installation of professional audiovisual equipment and consultancy. We are able to implement demanding complex projects as well as smaller orders.

Company history

Mediatronik was founded in November 1993 by Luboš Nováček, a sound engineer and specialist in the field of recording and professional audio technology.

The founder and owner of the company has many years of experience and rich expertise not only in the field of audiovisual technology and acoustics, but also participated in a number of recording projects in the field of classical music, jazz, rock and pop.

The company Mediatronik s. r. o., among other things, professionally participates in the recording activities of the Japanese music publishing house Octavia Records, for which it implemented the construction of several recording studios in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan.

Our customers include

  • important broadcasters
  • operators of cultural and sports facilities
  • operators of recording, post-production and dubbing studios
  • record companies and publishers
  • advertising agencies
  • industrial enterprises
  • other partners looking for solutions in the field of AV systems

For our clients, we are able to provide:

  • technological solution proposal
  • design of the architectural solution
  • building and acoustic modifications
  • project documentation processing
  • provision and delivery of appropriate technology
  • perform your own installation
  • warranty service and long-term support

Samples of realizations